Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Peachy!

Check out theses baby peaches on this dwarf peach tree.

This tree came up from seed (or should I say pit) after the much larger Mama tree dropped the would-be peaches on the ground. I have never had any luck having any real fruit off of these trees. I'm not sure they ripen like they are supposed to.

*Shrug*. Not sure what's up with that.


everydayeclecticism said...

Hey Dawn, I hope you're having a good day! Do you just have the one peach tree? Now I didn't go Googling to verify(my usual source for most info), but I always heard you needed two trees for the process of growing peaches. Dang, I don't even know enough to make this statement. I'm so curious now that I've got to go and find out.

smiles, Angie S.

~*~DawnSC~*~ said...

That's interesting, Angie. You may be right! I'll have to check into that!