Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scuppernong Vine

A scuppernong is a large type of muscadine. It is a type of grape, native to the southeastern United States.

This 60+ year old scuppernong vine is on the Rice Family property in Travelers Rest.


Still Waters said...

I think this is BEAUTIFUL!
I love to eat em too! ha ha
Does it still produce fruit?

Shellie and Brian said...

Awesome pic.

My parents have muscadine grape vines in their yard. I've recently tried one of the grapes. The skin is bitter but the "insides" are tasty!!

Andrea said...

I've always loved this pic.

Anonymous said...

This is it...yes it is similar to the vine at Biltmore that I photographed. I love capturing the beauty of nature (or attempting to), and it appears that we have that in common.

Angie S.